Words can’t describe, how nice it feels to be here.


It was my first time to go and pick up shitake in Japan. It was a nice experience because I had chance to be close with the forest and nature.  When I started picking up shitake I was always searching for the big once. Everyone was so eager to find big shitake so that they can show to everyone.

Picking up Shitake

I sometimes eat shitake, which I buy in supermarket. But during my farm stay I got to eat fresh shitake, which I picked up myself in the forest. The taste was so yummy and the smell was mind blowing.

Shitake BBQ

It was my first time to drink sake in bamboo glass. At first the sake is put in a long bamboo and heated in charcoal. When it gets hot we pour down into a small bamboo cup. The taste is really different and you feel like drinking more and more no matter how drunk you get. Actually when the sake is heated in the bamboo, the oil from the bamboo gets mixed with the sake and thus the taste is different

Drinking hot sake in bamboo cup

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