what I have learned from the tour is・・・


The central shopping street of Showa town is very interesting. If the  movie ‘Back to the Future’ was shot in Japan, this street would be a  prime candidate for the shooting location. To sum it up, nothing has  changed, well, except for this photo studio which is as modern as can  be.Interestingly, Showa town has it very own superstar: a dog named Yuki.  A Shiba-ken who has featured in numerous magazines and tv programs.  When you are in Showa town, don’t forget to look for Yuki and give her  a nice hug.

The Museum at Showa no machi brought back a lot of memories for me. I  was born in the late 70s and many of the toys displayed at the museum  were similar to the ones I played with as a child. Toys were so simple  then but they brought me never-ending joy. It was certainly a  nostalgic experience.

My favorite part of the tour. The way my host family treated me, it  made me feel like I was a child again living in my grandparent’s house.Before dinner, I went ‘hunting’ for shitake mushrooms with an  extremely cute corgi named Riki. Dinner was simply amazing. Everything  was fresh from the farm and the host dad even prepared special  Japanese alcohol using bamboo as containers. I had so much fun. When  it was time to sleep, my host mom even tucked me into bed! I slept  really well.


Besides having thoroughly enjoyed myself, what I have learned from the  tour is this:

One does not need to know the language to fully appreciate culture.

One does not need to know the language to make genuine connections  with people.If you are sincere enough, sometimes that is really all you need.

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