Trip in Bungo Takada – SHOWA no MACHI

The view behind is the old shop street of SHOWA no MACHI.
This is not a busy street, but every shop you can find it there has its own story.

There are many seafood shops in this street.
Crabs are only sold 150 yen per each!

He is a SUPER star in this street!
More than 20 Japanese and international media have “interview” him.
His photo is on all kinds of magazines, newspapers and so on!

Can you guess what it is?
Bingo! It’s a fridge!
But with 53 years’ history!

You can find a lot of cute figures like this in the shop exhibit windows!

Are you thinking that were I in someone’s house?

No! Actually, I was in a very old and traditional Japanese room, which is part of a museum called SHOWA NO YOUME NO MACHI. In this museum, you can find out what the real old Japanese house like and feel the traditional life.

I think I don’t really need to tell you who they are right? Yes! You can find a lot of toys and famous cartoon figures here in this museum! This museum really reminds me of my childhood. 懐かしなあ〜〜

These rows of albums really caught my attention! For those of you who love music, do you want to know what are CDs like 20 years ago in Japan? Come here!

Today, Japanese fashion magazines are popular all over the world. Can you tell the development history from these rows of magazines? Some of these magazines are well known to every Japanese girl today.

Dangojiru – Oita dish

SHOWA no MACHIA is such a fantastic place. I have not only learned what Japan like 50 years ago after visiting the museums, old shops, and etc. but also this place does remind me of my childhood and all the beautiful memories that I have.

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